Volunteering & attachments


You & Ghana offers the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience, but also to share it within different projects with local partners, all mainly focused on mother & child care.

All NGOs and hospitals with which You & Ghana works together are provided with a Dutch S-BB accreditation which makes our partners an official training institute. For more information see www.s-bb.nl

What do we offer?

In the Netherlands

  • Introduction meeting/preparations for the trip
  • Preparatory checklist- the so-called 'to-do list’
  • Assistance with booking the flight, travel insurance, student grant, etc.
  • Training on tropical diseases and necessary background information for your chosen project
  • Guidance in drawing up an attachment plan if an attachment period applies
  • You & Ghana T-shirt

In Ghana

  • Pick-up from airport
  • Introduction in Accra (help with arranging a sim card, withdrawing money, the first groceries, etc)
  • Accommodation (Appartement/ hostel/ guesthouse/ host family)
  • Transport to the project
  • Guidance during attachment / volunteering
  • Stand-by for emergencies


You & Ghana offers packages for a stay of 8, 12, 16 and 20 weeks. Different duration of the trip is negotiable, we can then look at the possibilities that will meet the wishes of the traveller.

Overview costs

Participation fees (€300) give You & Ghana Foundation its reason to exist.

You will pay this amount after registering for voluntary work or an internship.

In addition to the participation fee, you pay (on the spot) project costs just before departure. The project costs are as follows:

8 weeks: €1500

12 weeks: €1750

16 weeks: €2000

20 weeks: €2250

You & Ghana like to be as transparent as possible in the costs, so below you will find an overview of where your money is spent.     

Participation fee - Before departure

  • A good preparation & guidance from the volunteer team
  • Personal introductory meeting
  • To-do list to prepare your trip to Ghana
  • Meetings for volunteers/students leaving at the same time.
    These meetings are there to get to know each other and to discuss the preparations.
    At the final preparation meeting, old volunteers/students join in for the handover
    of the project.
  • Training on tropical diseases & mother and childcare
  • Free airline ticket quote
  • Advice on choosing a good work- and travel insurance
  • Help and/or advice in arranging your visa.
  • Personal blog via website You & Ghana
  • Declaration of behavior (this is necessary in order to be able to participate)

Not included are:

  • Administration costs € 50,-
  • Deposit €50,-
  • Flight ticket to Ghana
  • Vaccinations - ask the GGD traveler's department what vaccinations you need.
  • Work, travel and cancellation insurance
  • Visa fee (+ the cost of renewal)
  • Work permit
  • Transport costs from Accra to your place of residence
  • Holiday - request a free quote via our partner organization

Project costs - In Ghana

  • Airport pick-up and transfer to accommodation
  • Welcome drink + breakfast after arrival
  • Orientation day in Accra
  • Accommodation during the entire trip
  • Guidance throughout your stay
  • Assistance in extending your visa
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Maintenance of accommodation
  • Reliable local contacts and active safety policy
  • Emergency support

After the trip:

  • You & Ghana meeting to evaluate the trip and to handover the project to the new group.

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