Our experiences for over 10 years in Ghana and the Netherlands in the care for mother & child makes us capable

of training health workers in low-cost solutions to improve the quality of care in the current health system in Ghana.

We're proud to have an IBCLC lactation consultant on board and we can't wait to build capacity for this profession in Ghana
to get skilled lactation services to a higher level to increase the exclusive breastfeeding rates in Ghana.
We believe together we can do more when we're aiming for the same goals. Let's connect!


Students and volunteers will be hosted in a lovely apartment located in an international hostel. You can have the privacy and comfort in your own temporary new home but also interact with other travelers.  

Of course, we encourage others to come and stay at Atuu hostel as well since we'll receive support for our programs by every guest!
There is a 6 - beds dorm available even as a Friend & Family room with a double and bunkbed. Bathroom facilities for our guests are shared.
There is a kitchen (help yourself principle) available and breakfast is included. You can sign up for joining dinner as well. Atuu hostel is offering you the perfect balance between work in our open workspace as relaxing in the serene garden. Feel home away from home.


We're offering workplaces for volunteers and students within several health facilities in Ghana. Besides getting to know the daily routines of your profession in the facility of your choice, you'll be working on one of You & Ghana's programs to introduce it on the work floor. 
Supervision will be done directly by colleagues in the field,
even as by You & Ghana.


To provide health education in communities that are hard to reach we developed an outreach program about Safe Motherhood to inform people about safe pregnancy, delivery and family planning. 
Male involvement is one of our spearpoints during the outreaches.

We also believe that there could be a more effective way of preparing new parents on motherhood and therefore we developed our Group Pregnancy Classes program where expecting women will receive health education matching with their stage of the pregnancy by interactive groupsessions.

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