Safe Motherhood

The You & Ghana Foundation developed the Safe Motherhood program. This program consists of several projects with local partners. These local partners try to improve the care of pregnant women, post-delivery, babies and children.

Currently, we're working with the West African Aids Foundation (WAAF) for our Safe Motherhood outreaches.

During these outreaches, we provide health education in communities about pregnancy, safe birth, PMTCT and family planning.

Besides the outreaches, You & Ghana introduces Group Pregnancy Classes where pregnant women will receive antenatal care in small groups of a maximum of 12 -15 people. During their visits, the women will receive information related to their term of pregnancy and will prepare for motherhood.

In each community, local health workers are trained to do outreaches on a regular basis so that all pregnant women and their partners are well informed during their pregnancy.

The You & Ghana Foundation has developed a teaching package for the Safe Motherhood and Group Pregnancy Classes program. To be able to implement this in more and more communities, we need your help!

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• You are having contractions for 3 days without anyone telling you to go to a clinic...

• You don't have knowledge of contraceptives and unintentionally become pregnant...

• You have to give birth without medical assistance under the supervision of traditional birth attendants..

• You're afraid to transmit the HIV virus during the pregnancy, but you have no idea how to prevent this..



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