Leaf is here to support individuals as well as health facilities with the main focus on lactation.

Breastfeeding is supposed to be a natural process and often it will go without any issue.
But there are also many reasons why this process might be disrupted and that's where we come in.
Join our community to share knowledge and experiences to support each other to make breastfeeding possible for every mother! 


We're proud to have the only international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) registered in Ghana working with us. 
Under her leadership, we aim to become an easily accessible platform to parents and health professionals to identify breastfeeding challenges
and find a customized solution for each baby and each mother to make breastfeeding successful for a healthy start.

One of the places where breastfeeding challenges are a daily struggle is within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
a hospital ward for babies who came too early and/or in need of any health support after birth. 
Therefore we're offering several programs to improve skilled lactation support and to reduce stress in newborns
so they will receive the best possible food and save energy to grow and develop well which will subsequently lead to an early discharge.


For our lactation services, we're offering prenatal classes to prepare parents for breastfeeding and support from birth till weaning off the breast to ensure a healthy start for every baby! 


Nature is beautiful and often knows best for mother and child. Skin -to - skincare has many benefits

which come free of any charge.

We'll help you to make use of this gift!


Being admitted within the NICU is a stressful event for newborns. Learn how best we can facilitate these babies best simply by using our eyes and hands to keep them as comfortable as possible!


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We want to inform the public about low cost but very profitable solutions to improve care for mother and child. Breastfeeding is key in this, it can save up to the lives of 823.000 children every year globally (Victora et al 2016). 
We're dedicated to bringing our contributions towards that.

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