West African Aids Foundation (WAAF)

West African Aids Foundation (WAAF) is is an outpatient clinic that has been focusing

on counseling and guiding people with HIV/Aids. In addition, they go on outreach to test 
and inform people about HIV/ Aids within large companies, but also in the remote villages.

Meanwhile, it is not only HIV that WAAF focuses on. They also focus on tuberculosis,
because this often occurs in combination with HIV/ Aids.

At WAAF you will work together with the nurse at the clinic and during outreaches.
WAAF has various projects aimed at specific target groups, for example,
the Prevent Mother To Child Transmission (PMTCT) where pregnant women are closely monitored during their pregnancy.
Think of i.e. starting the medication on time, so that there is a good chance that the child will enter this world healthy.

Since January 2018 You & Ghana has been an official partner of WAAF.
Together we are also working on the Safe Motherhood Project.

There is availability for 2 students/volunteers per period.

Accommodation will be in a shared apartment in Accra.

Click on the videos below for more information about WAAF.

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