Trust Hospital Accra

Trust Hospital Accra 

Trust Hospital is one of the leading players in health care in Ghana and has several locations. You & Ghana works together with Trust Hospital Accra with three locations in Accra. 

As a student/volunteer you will work in different locations of the hospital. Trust Hospital Accra has different departments for men, women, children but also for patients who need emergency care and patients who only need help for one day and do not stay overnight in the hospital (the Out Patients Department (OPD)).

However, as a student/volunteer you will choose between two different directions. General nursing' is the direction in which we generally work together with men, women, emergency departments and OPD, while 'midwifery' is the direction in the hospital that focuses on the delivery rooms, the maternity ward, and pediatrics. Depending on the direction chosen by the student/volunteer, there will be different activities but the main focus is related to providing health information and education.

There is availability for 2-3 students/volunteers at a time.
Accommodation in a shared apartment in Accra.

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