Tema General Hospital

Tema General Hospital

Tema General Hospital is located in Tema, a city about an hour's drive east of the capital Accra. This hospital has different departments for men, women, children but also for patients who need emergency care and patients who only need help for one day and do not stay overnight in the hospital (the Out-Patients Department (OPD)).

As a student/volunteer you can choose two different directions within Tema General Hospital, namely: 'general nursing' and 'midwifery'.

‘General nursing’ is the direction in which men, women, the emergency department and OPD generally work together, while ‘midwifery’ is the direction in the hospital that focuses on the delivery rooms, the maternity and the pediatric ward.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is recently renewed and it's one of the few facilities with a well-equipped KMC center that makes it a very interesting workplace for those having an interest in working with premature and/or low birth weight born babies.

There is availability for 2 students/volunteers at a time.
Accommodation in a shared apartment in Accra.

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