Onyama maternity home, Olebu

Onyame maternity home

The Onyame maternity home is located in Olebu, a village located in the rural area of Accra.

This maternity home was opened in November 2018.

The aim of the maternity clinic is to provide good information and care to pregnant women and their partners, and to give women the opportunity to have a safe baby in a pleasant environment.
Important is that this maternity clinic is built according to the standards of the Ghana Health Services. For example, the site of the clinic has been fenced off, a waste incinerator and a placenta pit have been built, and a neat infrastructure has been installed.

You & Ghana is helping the clinic achieve its goal of developing and implementing the Group Pregnancy Class program, a new way for Ghana to prepare pregnant women and their partners for childbirth and parenting. Students, as well as volunteers, will have the opportunity to gain experience in providing health education to pregnant women and prepare the parents for parenthood.

There is availability for 2 students/volunteers at a time.

Accommodation in a shared apartment in Accra.

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