Little Big Souls

Little Big Souls

Little Big Souls is a local non-profit organization dedicated to prematurely born children in Africa. Currently, the organization is most active in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.
They support in various hospitals at the NICU with materials and knowledge.

A KMC (Kangaroo Mothercare) center has been set up for the government hospital
‘Tema General Hospital’ in 2015 and plans for new KMC centers at other partner hospitals from Little Big Souls are there.

The aim of the center is to be able to offer stable prematurely born infants 24/7 skin-to-skin contact with their mothers. Research has shown that this way of nursing is effective when there are not enough incubators or when the condition of the baby is stable.
Babies feel calm and comfortable close to their mother, their temperature remains at the right level and breastfeeding is stimulated. This ensures that babies remain more stable, grow faster and are discharged early.


In addition, Little Big Souls recently opened its own office which offers many possibilities in support of parents of prematurely born children. This is still in a set-up phase.
With the help of students/volunteers, we hope to give more form to it in the next year.
This office includes the “Remembrance Hall”, a room where parents can go for processing their grief if they have lost their baby. They are also working on a consultation office for ex-premature children where parents can ask questions about the development of their child.

There is availibilty for 2 students/volunteers at the time.
Accommodation will be in a shared apartment in Accra.


By clicking on the link below you will be directed to the Facebook page of Little Big Souls
for more information about this organization.


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