Health Clinic Adankragya

Health Clinic Adankragya

Adankragya is a village in Bekwai district, in the Ashanti region. about 45 minutes’ drive from Kumasi.  
You & Ghana has been asked to help set up a health clinic,  so-called CPHS compound by the community health nurses in Bekwai.

The CPHS compound is a base for the community health nurses in Bekwai and will also be used as a maternity clinic. Opposite the health clinic is a primary school, where we will also carry out the so-called 'school health'. The main aim is to provide the community with basic care for pregnant women, introduce You & Ghana's Group Pregnancy Classes program, postnatal services and care women and children between the ages of 0 and 12.
The project in Adankragya is partly supported by the Albert Schweitzer fund.

Unfortunately, there are currently problems with the water pipes, which means that the opening of the maternity clinic has yet to take place. 
But the community health nurses have started operating since March 2020.

As a student or volunteer, you will participate in the various programs run by the clinic. Tasks such as giving pregnant women information and health education, but also providing assistance with the post-natal clinic (including weighing and vaccinating babies) are part of this project. If desired, the work in the health clinic can be combined with a rotation in the hospital in Bekwai.

There is availability for 2-4 students/volunteers at a time.

Accommodation will be in a shared house in Bekwai.

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