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Albertine Visbeek


Albertine is a pediatric, obstetric and tropical health specialized nurse.
She is also an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). 

She's living in Ghana to establish the foundation and the various projects You & Ghana is working on. Originally, she was assisting nursing students with preparations for their trips to Ghana, in addition to the guidance provided by their school. Her experiences made her believe that doing an internship abroad will develop both your personal and professional skills. Participating in a different care system can be particularly rewarding and therefore she encourages students to pursue this option. 

In Ghana, she received requests from the projects and organizations she had been working with to arrange more motivated volunteers and students. This led to the start of the You & Ghana Foundation.
The connections in Ghana have been made, now it’s time to link up the students and volunteers!

Albertine is also the manager for our Leaf - mother and childcare consultancy program whereby we're providing lactation services to individuals even as to health facilities. Another focus is on implementing Kangaroo Mother and developmental care within Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in hospitals.

Kate Barnor


Kate's educational background and current workfield is in midwifery and anesthesia which allows her to be closely involved with the focus group You & Ghana is working with. Her aim is to roll out more low-cost solutions to save the lives of mothers and children in the local community and therefore she is also our outreach coordinator.

Willianne Postmus, Carla van Valkenburg & Welmoed Zeinstra

Volunteer team in the Netherlands

Our dream team existing of Willianne, Carla and Welmoed were the first nursing students coming to Ghana trough You & Ghana back in 2016. All of them successfully finished their courses and holding a degree in nursing now. Carla specializes in pediatric nursing and is currently working in a children's hospital in the Netherlands.
We are happy that they decided to stay connected with us and currently they are preparing our students and volunteers for their time in Ghana.


The Netherlands

Berber Roosma

Berber teaches Dutch to young people within ISK (International transition class). She works with students from many different backgrounds and cultures. She is excited to bring her expertise to assist the You & Ghana Foundation in any way she can.

Rebecca Gout

Rebecca is a Ghanaian who moved to the Netherlands when she was 16 years old. She works at a daycare centre for children as a group leader. With the You & Ghana Foundation, she is dedicating herself to women and children in Ghana and is glad to stay involved with her home country.

Leslie Barnor
Clement Kumi


You & Ghana - Connect to Care foundation was founded in November 2015 and registered in the Netherlands to connect students and volunteers within the field of healthcare with health facilities and NGOs in Ghana to improve and also ensure quality health care is provided to every individual. 
In September 2019 the foundation is also registered in Ghana to increase its impact.
The foundation is inspired by the passion and experiences of two hardworking health workers in Ghana and the Netherlands.


To empower women, reduce maternal, neonatal and infant mortality, combat HIV/ Aids, malaria and other diseases within less privileged communities in Ghana.


To organize outreach programs on health education, build projects to improve health care delivery in Ghana and also work with other organizations to improve the health system for quality care for maternal,
newborn and child health.


The foundation has connected over 30 students and volunteers from the Netherlands within the field of healthcare with institutions in Ghana such as clinics, hospitals and NGO's to work together and learn from each other to improve the quality of care focusing on low-cost programs mainly related to the care for mother and child.

Our Safe Motherhood program existing of an outreach program with health education about Safe Birth, Prevent Mother To Child Transmission and Family planning is successfully adopted in 2018 by the West African Aids Foundation (WAAF) to reach out at community level in addition to existing interventions to reduce complications during pregnancies and maternal deaths as well as reducing the mortality rate among newborns in less deprived communities within the Volta, Brong Ahafo and Greater Accra region in Ghana.

In 2019 You & Ghana developed its Group Pregnancy Classes program based on the concepts of centering pregnancy and the new maternal and child health record book in Ghana. The pilot study for this program has started in January 2020 within the antenatal clinic from the Onyame Maternity Home in Olebu.

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