"Alone we can
do so little

Together we can
do so much"
                                  HELEN KELLER


You & Ghana has its roots in the Netherlands where we started as an NGO in November 2015, to connect students and volunteers within the field of healthcare
with our partner facilities in Ghana such as clinics, hospitals and NGO's. This to work together and learn from each other to improve the quality of care focusing on low-cost programs mainly related to the care for mother and child. But along the years we start developing our own programs as well 
and therefore You & Ghana established their office in Ghana in September 2019 to increase their impact.

More About Us


The You & Ghana Foundation is inspired by two passionate health workers who care for maternal and child health in Ghana. By virtue of being health professionals, we realized there are so many challenges such as inadequate access to healthcare and health education, inadequate hospital equipment as well as understaffed hospitals in the health sector in Ghana. You & Ghana cannot solve all these issues, but we do believe we can make a difference in the society by providing health education, organizing outreach programs on health promotion and supporting health facilities to deliver quality healthcare for expectant mothers, neonates, and infants to reduce maternal, neonatal and infant mortality in the long run. We will connect to care!


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January 2020


We are happy to announce our partnership with Atuu hostel where we've got a self-contained apartment on the first floor to host our students and volunteers with the possibilities of enjoying the services offered by the hostel. In return, Atuu hostel is supporting our foundation based on every guest staying with them.

December 2019


At Onyame Maternity Home in Olebu, the staff gets prepared for the kick-off for the group pregnancy classes within their facility in January 2020 by receiving training,

a manual for the facilitators and the needed materials (soft - and hardcopy) to run the program delivered by You & Ghana.


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