Ghana is a West African country that is about 7.5 times the size of the Netherlands. The former ‘Gold Coast’. Until 1957 it was a colony of Great Britain. There are about 75 indigenous languages in the country.


The country is now a politically stable republic with approximately 23.5 million inhabitants. The average life expectancy is 59 years. Almost 20 years less then in the Netherlands. This is for a considerable part caused by the fact that many children die before their fifth year.


About 90% of the population depends on agriculture for their income. Minerals in mines (gold, bauxite, diamonds) also provide part of Ghana’s income. The industrial and service sector are very small in this country. Climatic there are large differences in the country: The north has a savannah climate and the south a tropical rain climate.


Due to the dry climate, the remote location and the lack of infrastructure, the north of the country is a very remote area that is much poorer than the coastal regions of the country. That is why there is a big migration from the north to the south in the hope of a better life. Reality is often disappointing. There is not enough work in the coastal regions for all these people.


The Ghanaian society is flooded in religion. The expressions can be found on every street corner. The majority of the people in Ghana, about 63%, are Christian. In addition, a group of 21% is traditionally oriented and there is a minority of 16% Muslim. There are also many mixed forms, for example Christians with ancestor worship and superstition elements.




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