Adinkragya is a village in the Bekwai District, Ashanti region, about 45 minutes’ drive from Kumasi. From the community health nurses from this district came the question if we can help to set up a health clinic.


The health clinic should become a base for the community health nurses in the Bekwai District and will be used as a maternity clinic as well. Opposite the clinic is a primary school, where we will carry out the ‘school health’. With this we try to provide the community with basic healthcare for pregnant women, maternity women and children aged 0 – 12 years.


This project is supported by the Albert Schweitzer fund. In September 2018 we would hope to start with the community health nursing in Adankragya. Unfortunately, there are problems with the water pipes, so the opening of the maternity clinic is put on hold. Currently they're trying to find a solution towards it.


As a student nurse/ volunteer you participate in the various programs. Tasks will be for example: giving pregnant women information, postnatal clinic (including weighing and vaccinating babies), giving health education in the clinic and the school as well.


The work in the clinic can be combined with a rotation in the hospital in Bekwai.





Health Clinic Adankragya

There is space for 2 - 4 people per period.

You will be staying in a house at Bekwai.




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