Alafya Foundation

(the Kids Shelter)

This is a children’s home in Sunyani, about 7 hours from Accra. It is possible to combine this social project with

an internship/ workplace in one of the hospitals in Sunyani. Here you can choose for midwifery or general nursing.


There is accomodation available in the childrens home itself so you are in the middle of a big family. You will have a

private room with porch. You can decide to eat with the children, but you can also prepare your own meals.

There is space for 2 people per semester.


During the school periods 6 children are living in the childrens home in the ages of 7 to 15 years. A helping hand is required in the morning to prepare all children for school and to be there for them again after school. You will help with their homework and there will be time to have fun with them before bedtime and in the weekends.

During the school holidays the older children will come home too. They are normally at the boarding school. When the children are at school, you can gain work experience in the hospital or work together with the owner of the orphanage (a Dutch nurse) on her school fund project in the North of Ghana where they provide access to school to more than 150 children.


The Kids Shelter in Sunyani is a project of the Alafya foundation. More information can be found by clicking

on the picture below.






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